yatzr's Gridiron Dynasty Recruiting Tool FAQ Back

Are you bhazlewood? Do you run this site?

No. I'm yatzr. bhazlewood owns and operates this site. He was nice enough to let me host my tools here. The GUESS equations that I put into my tool by default are also his.

What is this tool for?

It helps with recruiting. It helps you do many of the things you would normally do, but it helps you do them much, much faster.

Do I have to pay for it?

No. The tool is free, but there are some features that are restricted to users on my donor list. Before anybody gives me money, I always recommend trying the tool out for free first.

How do I get it up and running?

Go here to download it and follow the install instructions closely

When I start it up, it asks for the permTeams.dat file. What's that all about?

The tool can't find the permTeams.dat file. You didn't follow the install instructions closely enough.

When I entered my team id, it said it wasn't valid.

Double check the number you entered. If you're sure that you're entering the right number, then the tool can't find/read the permTeams.dat file. You didn't follow the install instructions closely enough.

I got it up and running. Do you have instructions on how to use this thing?

Unfortunately, I've never had the ambition required to write up a full instruction manual for this thing. The first post in this thread includes most all of the necessary information for each feature as it's been added. The first post in this thread is a pretty good guide on recruiting in general with the tool.

What are the S1, S2, etc columns for?

If you go to Options->Equations, you can configure equations to customly rate recruits. By default, the tool will be configured with bhazlewood's GUESS equations.

Why are there some equations in S2?

bhazlewood has mutliple GUESS equations for some positions. For any position that has two equations, the second one will be in the S2 column.

I don't see these equations you're talking about. Why is my configuration blank?

The tool can't find or read the config.ini file. You probably didn't follow the install instructions closely enough. Note that if the tool can't find a config.ini file when it is started the first time, it will create a blank one. At any time, you can delete that one and replace it with the one on this site.

What are the Flag and Action columns for?

The flag column is for marking recruits that you're interested in. When you check that box for a recruit, it will stay checked even if you close the program and reopen it. It's very easy to find the recruits that are flagged by checking the "Flagged" checkbox in the search bar.

The action column is used for mass recruiting. You can check the recruits you want to send an action to, then go to Data->Mass Recruit. There will be a popup that lets you select the action you want, and it will tell you how many recruits you're about to send an action to.

I used Mass Recruiting to add recruits to my watchlist, and it looked like it worked, but they didn't show up on my watchlist on the WIS site.

This happens when the "Add To Watchlist" checkbox on the recruit's page is missing. It will be missing if recruiting has already started, and it will be missing if you already had that recruit on your watchlist before.

I just updated recruits, but the data showing in the tool didn't update.

After updating recruits, you always have to hit the "Search/Refresh" button to see the updated info.

The tool is showing different data than the site.

You have outdated data. Just update recruits again. It's best to figure out when WIS updates their site, and then just make sure to run an update shortly after that.

What is Update Multiples

When the tool grabs recruit data, it logs into the WIS site as you, and then performs a whole bunch of searches on the recruit page. When a recruit is considering multiple schools, that page will just list the word "multiple". When you tell the tool to Update Multiples, it will go visit the recruit page for each recruit that is considering multiple to get the list of schools they are considering. Then in the considering column, it will list those schools instead of showing the word "multiple".

What are Threads?

This is how many connections the tool will make to the WIS site when grabbing data. More connections means a faster download. You should set this as high as possible, but if you start getting errors, set it lower.

The tool is saying that somebody is a coach at a school, but they aren't. What gives?

You probably grabbed coach info before the current recruiting season started, and then never updated them. You should ALWAYS grab coach info again once recruiting starts. Otherwise, you are just about guaranteed to have some inaccurate coach info.

When I click a recruit's PID to open their WIS page in my browser, I get an error page from WIS.

You need to log into the WIS site on the browser that just opened and if you have multiple teams, make sure you select the correct one. Leave that browser window open, and it should work now.

When I click a recruit's "Miles" cell, it opens the recruit mapping popup, but it's blank.

This happens when you're missing the recruit's town OR coach info. You must have both towns and coach info for the recruit mapping to work.

What features are donor only?

I have a question that you didn't answer here.

Feel free to send me a sitemail on WIS. I will always respond to my sitemails.