Get the latest version yatzr_recruit_action_1.3.jar
NOTE: Some browsers will change this file to a .zip when you download it. If that happens, make sure to change it back to .jar


Here's how to use it:

Here's how you use it:
1.  Enter your GD username and password.

2.  Enter your Team ID (go here if you don't know your team id).

3.  Hit "Load Watchlist" - note that recruits will show in the order they are on your watchlist

4. OPTIONAL - Hit "Get Recruit Costs" (this can take a few minutes if you have a large watch list)

5. Enter the recruit actions that you want to do.  There is a dropdown for PT, and checkboxes for FR, SO, and scholarship.  Just enter numbers for everything else.  You can enter as big of a number as you want.  VERY IMPORTANT - after entering a number, make sure to hit enter or click outside of that cell.  If the cursor is still in that cell, it will not register that you put a number there.

6. Hit "Do Actions" (it won't actually do the recruit actions yet)

7. OPTIONAL - Enter the number of hours and minutes to wait before doing the recruit actions.  You can put in as big a number as you want.  Something to note - I have no idea if this will prevent your computer from going to sleep.  I would assume that it doesn't, so adjust your computer accordingly.

8. OPTIONAL - Select to use dropdowns.  If this is checked, the program will use dropdowns for things like AC Phone Call, AC Scout, etc.  So if I choose to send 10 AC Scouts to a recruit, it will first do an action selecting 7 AC Scouts and then do an action selecting 3.  If this is not checked, it will just do 10 actions selecting a single AC Scout.

9. Hit "GO" - the status will say "Complete" when it's done.  VERY IMPORTANT - closing the popup will not cancel any recruit actions that you just told it to do.  If you need to cancel them, close the whole program.

My disclaimer - I've tested this and know it works for me.  However, you're still using this at your own risk.  If you somehow manage to completely hose your recruiting class, you can't blame me.