Get the latest version yatzr_game_analyzer_1.9.7.jar
NOTE: Some browsers will change this file to a .zip when you download it. If that happens, make sure to change it back to .jar


Here's how to use it:

It's a .jar file because I don't know how to make it a .exe and I'm too lazy to figure out how. You need a java runtime environment to run it. You probably already have one, but if not, get the latest JRE here Once you have a java runtime environment, you should be able to just double click the .jar file. If that doesn't work, right click and do "open with" and choose java.

Once you have it open, you can enter a game id in the game id field and hit GO. Alternatively, you can enter a team id in the team id field and hit "Get Game IDs". This will populate that dropdown with all the game ids for games that teams has already played this season. Selecting one from the dropdown will populate the game id field (you still have to hit GO).

Once you have a game pulled up, you can switch between the two teams. You can also sort the columns. I typically sort by type (run/pass) and then offense formation. The team shown is the offense. Here's a quick rundown of the columns that aren't obvious:

YdLn: the number of yards to the endzone. It would be too much of a pain to say "my 20", so instead it says 80.

Scr: the score difference. When it's negative, that team is losing.