Dubs: If a maniacal gnome learned your full name and yelled it out on a crowded subway, what name would he yell?
Scottso: I would hope he'd call me by my name, Scott. But I'm thinking being a maniacal gnome, and knowing I'm a DJ, it would probably be along the lines of "Yo, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla" or something stupid like that...lol.

Dubs: So, what all jobs do you hide under your coat of many colors?
Scottso: I'm a truck driver for my main occupation, but a DJ on the weekends in a club on the Jersey Shore..otherwise known as "DJ Scottso"... #1 on the charts, #1 in your hearts.

Dubs: What are the strangest requests that you have gotten for a song?
DJ Scottso: Seeing you are referring to my DJ alter ego, I prefer to be called by such...lol. Although you don't need to refer to me as trucker Scottso for the remainder of the interview. :)
The club I where I work plays more party and fun type music. Not so much club music. So I can really mix it up a little with my music selection. From oldies to rock to popular dance stuff thats out now. I can't say I've ever gotten any really strange requests, but its funny how I get people asking for really off the wall music in the middle of a great set when I have the dance floor packed. And then they don't understand when I tell them no, as I know it would clear the floor if I played it. But most of the time I'll just tell them I don't have the song, even though I do. This way they just go away dissapointed, but not upset. Plus they'd hassle me to play their crummy song all night if I said I had it.

Dubs: So, Trucker Scott, do you have a CB Handle?
Scottso: No, nothing cool like that. I actually don't drive the big rigs. What I mostly deliver doesn't require larger trucks. I deliver blinds for a company called Blinds To Go, and Fisher and Paykel appliances.
But I don't need a CB to keep me occupied. I've got my loaded Ipod and a Sirius radio, and I'm good to go. Lots of Howard Stern, then music.

Dubs: If you were to get a CB handle that contained an adjective and then an animal, what would yours be?
Scottso: Cool Cat. I know it sounds a little gay, but I'm a cat lover and have 2 of them at home. So if I have to pick an animal, it may as well be a cat, and I thought Cool Cat sounded cool. A little beatnik sounding actually.

Dubs: Speaking of beatniks, how did someone as cool as Maynard G. Krebs become someone as lame as Willy Gilligan?
Scottso: Thats funny. I think Dobie Gillis was a little before my time, but I was a fan of Gilligan's Island growing up...mostly because of Mary Ann. But most of those fond adolescent moments were lost with her recent mug shot pictures...damn.

Dubs: They are both ahead of my time, but how cool is Nick at Nite?
Scottso: Don't really watch alot of Nick at Night, but I am a fan of alot of those old shows. At 49 years old, I remember many of those shows when they were aired on primetime TV. Damn it sucks getting old. :(

Dubs: What are some positives and negatives of Gridiron Dynasty in relation to Goal Line Blitz?
Scottso: I find both games to be fun, but they are really completley different types of games altogether. Besides the obvious..NFL vs College ball, GD is more of an individual game while GLB is totally a team game.
I love GD, as I'm sure everyone is already aware of, but I have enjoyed GLB as well. Those guys have done a nice job creating a fun and addictive game over at GLB. And you can tell that they are totally committed to making it even better with constant updates daily. It's hard to compare the 2, so I'll just tell you what I like and dislike about each game seperately.

GLB Pros
GLB Cons
GD Pros
GD Cons
Dubs: How often should there be updates to Gridiron Dynasty in your opinion?
Scottso: Well seeing HD has had 13-14 new changes, and a dev chat all in the last 2 weeks, it would be nice to see little additions to GD every so often. GD gets totally neglected, and I'm not sure why. But if they just threw us a bone with 1-2 minor changes a month, it would help to keep the game interesting.

Dubs: What is your opinion of Hoops Dynasty?
Scottso: Its OK. Not into it like GD though. Most likely because I don't understand it as well. I currently have 2 teams...Virginia with Scottso14 and Wayne State with Vendetta. I recruit well in HD, but my gameplanning sucks and I just basically rely on my players' skills to win whatever games I do. Not a good recipe for winning championships, though, when you're basically relying on luck to win. But I did win a Championship in HD a while back. Probably my last though. :(

Dubs: Do you actually follow the race between yourself and plague for most overall National Titles?
Scottso: I did for a little while when he was catching up to me. But he has long since passed me, and I really don't check much anymore. I'm excited about getting 4,000 wins someday, and I sometimes check to see how close I am to that. But maybe he'll slow down a little now that he left that D2 team he was at in Leahy forever, and let me catch up again so we can actually call it a race. :)
Plague is one of the better coaches around, and even though I may have more wins than many other coaches, its only because I've played more games than them. I don't really put myself on the elite coaches list. I feel there are quite a few better than myself in this game. But I am a very good recruiter, and that generally gives me the advantage that I need to win.

Dubs: What coaches would you rank as better than you?
Scottso: I feel there are many who are better than me. Just off the top of my head, ddingo and Jeff come to mind. I think ddingo is the best, hands down. And Jeff, when he is around, does a fine job of winning NCs as well. I'm not even sure how much these 2 guys gameplan, but whatever settings they use when they set up their teams are different than everyone else's. I played Jeff's UCLA team when I knew he wasn't even around, and my team was very strong, and I still lost. It's like they have figured out a loop hole in the game and they are the only 2 that know it...lol
But just a quick few names of other coaches I think are elite coaches: You (Dubs), Buffalo_Rob, Treyomo, Carpediem, Wlarson, Dwhit34, VHoward, Cravedogg, Plague.  I've played alot of games with all these guys, and have total respect for every one of them. There are definately many good coaches I even left off this list, but these are the ones that come to mind quickly.

Dubs: Who does the most with the least talent, who does the least with the most?
Scottso: You're making me think too much in this interview...lol.
Thats a tough one. I'd say recently I've seen Kcden do a very nice job with his Washington team in Bryant the past few seasons. My USC team had owned the PAC-10 for the past 3-4 seasons, and he has come out of nowhere and has won the past 2 CCs, and my team is about 50 pts higher in rating than his.
Honestly, I'd have to say I'm one of the biggest underachievers. I'm a very good recruiter, and have built up some very strong D1A teams. Yet I only have 2 titles in D1A..hopefully a 3rd by the time this is posted...lol. But having 8 elite teams, I have no excuses for not winning more NCs at the D1A level.

Dubs: Nice way to fall on your sword. Are you and kahleb still feuding?
Scottso: Its a fair assesment to say there is no love lost between us. But as a coach, I have nothing but repect for the guy. Not too sure whats going on with him lately though. He seems to be letting his teams run on auto pilot for entire seasons at a time...including during recruiting. He is too good a coach to question, so it is what it is. Its a shame to see good elites fall apart though in his absence. But when and if he returns, he generally can turn them around again. You always know when he is around and when he is not.

Dubs: Do you ever get bored with this game?
Scottso: Definately. I think anyone who has as many teams as I do tends to get bored occasionally. But it only takes the next big game, or landing that stud recruit to get you right back into it.  I'm sure the time will come when I hang it up and find something else. But I think if I left now, I'd miss it too much. And it really doesn't take up as much of my time as some may think. All my teams aren't playing at the same time..especially with alot of D1A teams, and a lot of down time during the bowl seasons in each world. So if I spend a half hour a day gameplanning, that would be alot.
I do feel having as many teams as I do between my 3 user names (thepayback and vendetta), that my teams don't get as much attention as they need. I rarely make changes when players get injured in fear that I'll forget to change it back when they're healthy, and little things like that. But I'm not sure I'd do things any differently if I only had 1-2 teams. What I'm doing works, so I don't change much.

Dubs: Of your teams, which ones do you enjoy most?
Scottso: My hands-down favorite is Penn State in Leahy. It was the first D1A team I won a championship with. Plus it's my favorite conference out of all my teams. It's very competitive, and almost all of the coaches have been with their teams for a while and we have all gotten to know each other quite well. They have also become some of my closest friends here on the site, and the ones I enjoy playing with the most. I've gotten the majority of these guys to join our GLB team too. How could a conference with Buffalo_Rob, Carpediem, Treyomo, Bludluciano, and thenoodle not be fun and competitive?
My runner ups are Texas in Camp, and USC in Bryant: two other very good conferences with plenty of tough competition. I compete against ddingo with my Texas team in Camp, and that's all the challenge I need. He is at Nebraska and has an incredibly strong team. He had won 8 out of 12 CCs before I arrived, but now I've won the last 4 (and the first ones for this Texas team), and a NC this past season, so I think I have given him some very good competition of which I'm proud. As I said earlier, I consider him to be the best in the game. Hopefully he respects me as much as I do him.

Dubs: If you had to give up one of your teams, which one would it be?
Scottso: Well it wouldn't be any of my D1A teams. I plan on staying at all of them till I'm done playing this game. So that leaves my two D1AA teams, and one D2 team. I've been at Sam Houston State for something like 10-12 seasons. I like the team, but I look to move up every season. But I hate rebuilds in D1A, so I'm just waiting for a good opportunity to open. And I like Miles in D2 Dobie also, but will look to move up after this season. So the only team I'm not attached to at all is Western Illinois in D1AA Hayes. I'm trying to get up to D1A quickly in that world. So hopefully my resume will allow me to move up after one more season there. I applied to three low-level D1A schools last season, and was denied by all of them.
After moving all over the place in all the worlds for a long time, I'm actually very happy that I have started landing elites that I can call home for the rest of my GD days. I have 3 University of Texas teams, 2 Penn State's, USC, and BC with my Scottso account. I like them all and will never leave, except possibly BC if another Penn State, USC, or Texas opens up. Then I have Michigan with thepayback, and Ohio State with Vendetta. I'll probably keep them as well, and they will be the only teams with my other accounts. Now I just need to find 3 more homes with Scottso, and I'll be set for the rest of my GD playing days.

Dubs: Why did you decide to lateral to Miles during the race to the top of Dobie?
Scottso: That's a good question. At the time I made that decision I wasn't in such a big hurry to move up in the Dobie World. I had marginal success in my first two seasons and felt I had already fallen behind too much in the race to the top. So when Miles opened up, I changed my gameplan and figured I'd stop rushing and instead enjoy success at each level on my way to D1A. I have found that if you put yourself in the right situation, you will eventually land an elite anyways. Even though I prefer D1A over all the other levels, I still enjoy the playoff system. And I'm certainly not lacking reward points, so that's not enough motive to force me to move up too quickly.

Dubs: Why do you enjoy the IA level the most? Personally, the lack of playoffs makes it less interesting to me.
Scottso: No one particular reason, but I do prefer the recruiting in D1A over all the lower levels. And I also like the extra time off while waiting to play my bowl games. I'm sure having 13 teams may have something to do with that. Plus the competition is second to none in D1A. So that helps to keep my interest. I think I've done all I can do in the lower levels, so D1A is where the challenge is for me now.

Dubs: Do you think that the best team wins the title as often at DIA as it does at the lower levels?
Scottso: Definately not. Alot of times in D1A, the best teams don't even make it into the NC game. Your schedule and some luck have alot to do with it. And with the high level of coaches in D1A, anybody can win any given NC game.

Dubs: Is there something inherently wrong with a game that forces people to migrate to the one level where there is the least true champion?
Scottso: I like that the playoffs give the best teams and coaches a chance to prove themselves, but the bowl games are true to life, so I like everything the way it is. Although, it would be fun to see them create a world where D1A had playoffs too. I'd enjoy that for a change.
I don't look at it as if they are forcing anybody to do anything. I think they were just looking out for their best interest when they implemented the new rewards system. Any coach can stay as long at a team as they want. As unhappy as I was with it, they obviously felt they weren't making enough profit from the game, and had to make some changes. I was very comfortable at many of my D1AA teams when these changes came. But I couldn't afford all these teams if I had to start paying for them. So it was then when I took the D1A leap, and am actually much happier with the game now.
I can't complain at all. I play the game for free and haven't spent a dime on the WIS site except when I joined a new world. I currently have over 100 credits on my teams, and reward points to spare. Plus over 100 bucks in site credits. So they have to make their money somehow. Thats another reason I prefer D1A over the lower levels...lol. I actually make about 100 dollars profit per year on each of my teams.

Dubs: What do you think is your strongest attribute as a coach?
Scottso: It would have to be my ability to recruit well and build any team to fit the way I prefer to run all my teams. If you took a look at almost all my teams, they look very similar. I don't let programs run me, so to speak. I change programs to fit with what I'm comfortable with.

Dubs: What do you think you are weakest at?
Scottso: It would have to be my gameplanning. I don't invest enough time with any of my teams to really focus as much as I should. And when I gameplan each day, it's a process that I only spend about 5 mnutes on each team with...and many times only 1-2 minutes. That's why you don't see me winning many games against teams that are better than mine. So I always need to get my team better than my opponents to gain any advantage at all.

Dubs: Has co-coaching with that moron in Wilkinson been any benefit to you whatsoever?
Scottso: That moron does alot of things I look at as unorthodox. Yet the things he does yield great results, so I'd have to say yes. I see many D1A championships in my future co-coaching with the moron.  On the other side, I can't really see anything you could actually learn from me. Wouldn't you agree?    (editor's note - "the moron" is Dubs, in case you didn't know.)

Dubs: I completely changed how I did IAA recruiting after one year doing it at Colgate. I didn't have any National Titles before I started coaching with you. What are your views on practice?
Scottso: And here I thought I was doing things the same as everyone else...lol.
Without giving out too many details, all I can say is I hate to practice things I can't see immediate results from.

Dubs: What sets do you enjoy the most?
Scottso: Wishbone and Notre Dame all the way baby!!! I love to run the ball and build all my teams around these 2 sets.  The key to be successful in this game in my opinion is to learn how to create a running game and RUN with it.

Dubs: Do you have favorite players from your teams whose names you can remember?
Scottso: Believe it or not...no. With so many teams and players, I find it hard to get that attached where I remember names of past players. To be honest, other than James Brown on our Colgate team, I can't name one other current players name.

Dubs: You just need to recruit better names. My starting QB at Holy Cross is Harvey Harvey. Have you considered ignoring attributes and just recruiting the coolest monikers?
Scottso: I may have to consider that with future recruiting efforts. Maybe if I ever see a Scott Scott, or possibly someone fron Neptune, NJ where I went to school, I'd recruit someone for a reason other than his attributes.

Dubs: I did recruit a crappy player once just because he had my name. At what point in this game did it really start to click for you?
Scottso: It probably wasn't until I reached D1AA when I really had a good grasp of how to play this game real well. I had minimal success in D3, and then decent success in D2, but the majority of my NCs all came from D1AA. Thats when I really discovered the running game and how to build monster running teams. But that also was way before D1A was as heavily populated as it is now. It has become much harder to build those kind of D1AA teams anymore.
That was around the time of the Pinnacle fiasco. My Harvard team at the time was having great success, and had a team rating of something like 760-770, and at the time was the highest rated team in the world..even higher than all the D1A teams. That's when he took it upon himself to bring Harvard back to earth. And well, you know the story after that.

Dubs: What was the first team you ever had in GD and why did you pick them?
Scottso: It all started way back when in season 4 at Coe in Rockne. Parkav(sts2005) invited me to join his conference. We played Strat-O-Matic Baseball together over at the Sporting News site, and he had brought a few of those guys over here. I think I saw his post on the forums over there and asked him about it. I believe I only won 5 or 6 games in each of my first few seasons. Once I was hooked, I started inviting some of those guys over to this game as well. Buffalo_Rob was one of them. We basically learned the game together even though I had a couple season head start on him. But I have bounced ideas off of him more than anyone else here on the site.

Dubs: Any chance you could get him to stop beating me every time we play?
Scottso: LOL. He's a good guy and another person I chat with often here. He also has a player on my GLB team, as you know.

Dubs: Who did you win your first National Title with?
Scottso: After a few seasons at Coe, I expanded to a few more worlds and got Utica in Bryant. After a few seasons there, JConte left Centre, so I lateralled to them and won back to back championships right away. Obviously not the best way to win a championship, but at least by my 3rd season, I knew enough about the game to at least keep the team strong and go on to win a championship. Early in my career I did alot of moving around. I didn't know back then that people got upset at cherry pickers; I was still relatively new at the game and was just moving to schools I felt gave me the best chance to win. After all, we were paying to play, so why not get a team that gives you the best chance to gain reward points? I also figured, if I didn't take them, someone else would. So winning my first bunch of championships came at a price of having the "honor" of being one of the biggest cherry pickers in the game...lol.
On the subject of cherry pickers: I'd like to give my thoughts on the subject if I may. I personally don't feel someone that moves up into a higher division who takes over a good team is cherry picking. If you were successful at a lower level, and are now qualified to take over a good team at a higher level, then you have earned the right to a good team. It may be cherry picking in the sense that you took a good team over a bad one, but it's not a move I frown upon. Most of the coaches who play this game don't look to take over rebuilding jobs. But my hat's off to those that do.  However, someone who laterals to a better team, to me, is the true sense of the term "cherry picking". I have no problems with a coach who makes this kind of a move and improves the team from what it was before he arrived. It's the coaches that make these moves and destroy good teams because of their inexperience thats bothers me.
But most people around here feel ANY move to a good team is considered a cherry picker whether its up, down, or laterally. I just don't agree with that. But in any case, I've had my share of pretty much every kind of move possible. I'm glad to finally get some teams I'm happy to say I will never move from.

Dubs: But tell the truth. Considering the shape that Colgate was in when we got there, wasn't the championship there just a little sweeter?
Scottso: No doubt. But I've had my share of these types of teams as well and went on to win championships with them. Maybe not quite as bad as Colgate, but ones that certainly needed alot of work to eventually win championships. I generally don't have the patience to wait 8 or 9 seasons at a school to finally win a championship or a CC, although I feel I could eventually do it with any school if I wanted to. But yes, the NC this season was quite gratifying. And I'm very proud of what we have finally accomplished with Colgate getting into the NC in back-to-back seasons, and finally taking down the mighty Dartmouth in the CC. Those were our goals, and I'm glad we stayed long enough to achieve them.

Dubs: Why do you prefer the run to the pass, and do you feel you need quarterbacks?
Scottso: I assume you're saying that because I prefer the running game over the passing game. To have a strong team, you certainly need both, and I recruit as if I will need them. But I prefer to run because I feel it's easier to get down the field, and I like having more time on the field with my offense than my defense. I feel like I have more control of the game when I'm running. I also feel its tougher to stop a strong running team than a strong passing one.

Dubs: What do you look at when you are trying to take over teams?
Scottso: Obviously how strong the teams RBs are, but also how strong the lines are on both sides. These are the three most important things to look for in a new team, in my opinion. Everything else I can work on after I'm there. But if those three things are strong, I feel like I can compete immediately.

Dubs: Is there anything we haven't covered that you want to add?
Scottso: I think I've taken up enough of everyone's time...lol. But thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me and chat for a while. I think I'm ready to shoot down to the local bar for a drink...want to join me?

Dubs: OK let's shoot through these Trios then. Pick your favorite among the three.

TRIO #1: Superman, Batman or Spiderman
Scottso: That one changes all the time with the releases of the latest movie...lol. Superman as a child, then Batman, then Spiderman with all his latest movies, and now Batman with his latest film. So Batman.

TRIO #2: Best joker -- Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger
Scottso: Wow...they were all so good. But I'll have to give Heath Ledger the nod in his latest performance. I thought he was amazing. But I did love Cesar Romero as a child. He was pretty cool also.

TRIO #3: Biggest early talent loss -- James Dean, River Phoenix or Heath Ledger
Scottso: Don't know much about James Dean or River Phoenix, but from what I've seen of Heath Ledger, I'd have to go with him.

TRIO #4: 70's Music, 80's Music, 90's Music
Scottso: 70's. Being the old fart that I am, this is the era of music I grew up with. I graduated high school in 1977. Its also the #1 setting in my satellite radio.

TRIO #5: Most annoying 1-hit wonder -- 'Macarena' by Los Del Rio, 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco or 'Mickey' by Toni Basil
Scottso: I do have 'Rock Me Amadeus' by Falco in my IPod, so I'll narrow it down to the other two and pick the Macarena.

TRIO #6: Best Adventure Movie Series -- Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Indiana Jones
Scottso: I'm honestly not a fan of any of them, so I'll pick Harry Potter. :)

TRIO #7: Worst Elite -- Miami, Tennessee or Nebraska
Scottso: Nebraska based on the lack of local recruits. Tennessee's not great because of all the elites surrounding them, but I think they do have good recruits near them. Miami is tough as well, but they generally get at least a handful of very good recruits locally to them that no one can take away from them.

Dubs: Thanks for giving us your time Scott.