bhazlewood: Normally these interviews start off with "what's your real name?" but I'm going to hazard a guess it's Jason Freeman.
jasonfreeman: Indeed

bhazlewood: Great.  Would you like to share your Driver's License, Social Security number, mother's maiden name, date of birth, and addresses for the last five years?
jasonfreeman: nope

bhazlewood: rats, there goes my retirement fund
jasonfreeman: Although, I was born on Halloween, I've always thought that was a fun random thing about me

bhazlewood: Cool.  How about then, where are you from, are you married, do you have any kids?
jasonfreeman: Those are fair game.  I live in Alameda, CA in the SF bay area.  It's a quiet isolated historical community, very interesting to be here yet 10 miles from San Francisco.  I am originally from San Diego but I've moved around a lot throughout my life.  I am happily married and we have one toddler (1.5 yr old girl) and another on the way.

bhazlewood: Congratulations!
jasonfreeman: Thank you we are very excited and worried at the same time.  Well, it's mostly me that's worried.

bhazlewood: Since there's no such thing as a professional GridIron Dynasty player, what do you do for a living?
jasonfreeman: Well, I used to work for a startup that made energy management software.  We got assimilated into a big corporation so while I am still doing the same thing it's a little misleading to say what the company does (mostly it makes meters and meter reading infrastructure).  I am a business and technical consultant so in a nutshell I have to figure out what our customers want and make it work.
bhazlewood: Too bad WIS doesn't have that position for GD!
bhazlewood: OK, if you were stuck on a desert island with a solar-powered CD player and three CD's, what would they be?
jasonfreeman: hmm I'd probably try to use them to reflect the sun so someone could find me so that would be whichever 3 were the most reflective.

bhazlewood: Ok, you can invite any 4 people, living or dead, to your favorite kind of restaurant.  Who are the guests, and what is being served?
jasonfreeman: well hmmm.  That's a tough one.  <long pause> Ben Franklin, Gandhi, Robin Williams, and my wife.  With respect to Gandhi we would eat extremely vegetarian.  I think he only ate fruits and nuts so that's what it will be.  

bhazlewood: Sounds very eclectic. What are your favorite sports / teams ?
jasonfreeman: That's more on track!  San Diego Padres, San Diego Chargers, US Men's national soccer team, Cal football+basketball, Wisconsin football+basketball.

bhazlewood: When you're not playing GD, what things do you like to do?
jasonfreeman: Mostly it's baby duty these days but I like to bike ride, garden, play softball, work on our house.  I'm also a homebrewer; in fact, I just brewed up a batch over the weekend.

bhazlewood: How does your wife feel about the obsession that is GD ?
jasonfreeman: She's OK with it though every once in a while I get into a bit of trouble with late night recruiting.  Oh, I guess I get into trouble sometimes too when I stay up for the halftime results though luckily Dobie sims early.  Maybe I should say she is mostly OK with it

bhazlewood: LOL. Well, let's move into the more Gridiron Dynasty related questions...
bhazlewood: In jmason187's "what is your dream school" thread, you said you were already at your goal.  What is it about U.Clare that appeals to you?
jasonfreeman: Eau Claire  ;)   I was actually just messing around with those serious D1 overachievers.  I'm happy there but it just worked out that way.

bhazlewood: What things do you like the most about GD ?
jasonfreeman: Without a doubt it's the time and effort that other coaches give back to the community.  the preseason rankings and media guides are one of my favorite parts of the game.  Special thanks to you, gt_deuce, joannes3000, pittsky for all your work.

bhazlewood: <blush> Well, on behalf of all of them, you're very welcome.  If you were given the GD developers/commissioners "magic wand", what would you change about GD?
jasonfreeman: Hire someone to do some development?  
Fix some stupid things -- you don't need to practice formations, you don't need to recruit a kicker AND a punter.  Fix some things that I think are broken -- too easy to run, almost no negative runs.  Make the game a more about game planning instead of recruiting.  Make upsets happen more often.  It'd also be nice to have a little more understanding about formations and better replacement options although I understand that might not be easy with the game mechanics.  More recruits in Wisconsin.

bhazlewood: Good things, all.  Except maybe the last.  There really needs to be more recruits in -- where am I coaching now?  Texas?  Oh, never mind.

bhazlewood: Where do you come down on the "practicing formation time or not" debate?
jasonfreeman: I gave up special teams practice a long time ago and haven't seen anything to change my mind.  I used to have a "traditional" approach to it (60+ minutes for formations) but after reading a lot from experienced coaches I decreased it significantly.  I still have a few minutes in it but very very little.

bhazlewood: Some conferences are very chatty, and others make a library sound like a rock concert.   How's the WIAC?
jasonfreeman: Pretty quiet this season unfortunately.  We only have a couple active coaches this season.  I like the chatter a lot.  

bhazlewood: You've had a lot of success in Dobie, especially for someone that has less that 200 GD games under your belt.  To what do you attribute your success?
jasonfreeman: Patience, flexibility, and a willingness to learn.  Probably not in that order though.  "Willingness to learn" should be first

bhazlewood: Is there anyone in particular that you have learned from, or has been especially helpful along the way?
jasonfreeman: I have learned many many things from the Compass and the helpful forum posts.   I've never had a "mentor" myself I've mostly learned on my own and from my mistakes.

bhazlewood: If I were to guess what your "highlight moment" in GD was, would your Season 2 NC at Wisconsin Yew Clair be correct?
jasonfreeman: Eau Claire
bhazlewood: right
jasonfreeman: heh. If you are only giving me a "moment" then that's got to take the cake.  But I am more proud of keeping my team at the top as well as my Bryant rebuild team as I continue to learn lots of new things.

bhazlewood: You're in the National Championship game, and the two teams are evenly matched talent-wise.  How would you just as soon NOT be coaching against? (i.e. they are THAT good as a coach.)
jasonfreeman: akua/pounder chewed me up and spit me out two seasons in row in the playoffs.  He's got my respect.  

bhazlewood: What aspect of the game (recruiting, game planning, etc) do you feel is your strongest area?
jasonfreeman: Definitely recruiting.  Some days I think I'm a decent game planner but some days I think I'm just lucky.

bhazlewood: What specific tips would you offer someone to help improve their game?
jasonfreeman: Read the Compass!   You can also learn a lot by studying who other successful coaches recruit, how they play their games, how they set their depth charts, how they use effectiveness settings.  

bhazlewood: Finally, dubs always finishes his interviews with "trios".  I'm not as experienced as dubs, so we'll stick with "doubles"  

Ginger or Mary Ann ?
 Mary Ann - easy one.

Burger King or McDonalds?
I'm a vegtarian so neither.  Though I do like McDonalds fries and sundaes

Mac or PC ?

Superman or Spiderman?
Superman.  I always thought Spiderman was creepy.

bhazlewood: Less Filling, or Tastes Great?
jasonfreeman: as a homebrewer definitely "tastes great"

DKC or doitagain?  (just a joke about multiple ID players)
heh.  "Yes"

bhazlewood: OK, any last words?
jasonfreeman: Thanks again for your time doing the interview and for wanting to help out the GD community.   Anyone who is new should understand that there is a lot to learn and that success comes as they gain experience.  I'm always happy to help out so if you need anything you can always site mail me.  That's a great thing about this community as there are a lot of other (more experienced) coaches offering the same.  

bhazlewood: Thanks Jason!